Miami Beach Home Design & Remodeling Show: Fall 2014

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The 2014 Home Design and Remodeling Show in Miami Beach, FL this Fall Season was a huge success!  

The setup of our display booth was so much fun for Shades Online and our sister company Vertical Express Motorized Window Shadings!  We enjoyed picking the right materials, fabrics, and blinds. We had the tallest scaffold display installed at the venue showing a variety of window treatment options in different sizes.  As seen on the picture to the right, checkout the: roller shades, silhouettes, sheer shades, woven woods, sliding panel tracks and our favorite designer collections! All in different options of sizes, colors, light filtering vs blackout options, textures and prints.

home show

One our “Look Books” with different colors/prints and textures – don’t forget the Back Out options!

      Home automation can be used as a “Wow Factor” in your home not only for automated blinds, or for entertainment, but now for several safety and security options.

home show 14home show 8

crystal at the show


Join me in what I call a “Picture Journey” of this past weekend…

Wall accent patterns make an area/room of your home look rich – without dishing out too much cash. There are several options depending on the look you’re going for. For starters, Tile! (Yes, Tile: found at Home Depot or Lowes). They’re usually used for bathrooms or kitchens but in the right lighting/setting can be used as a wall backdrop for example, entertainment area. Depending on the personality of your room, you can also use a fabric wall pattern or wallpaper. If you’re like me, wanting a rich look on a budget – paint and stencils! Unique paintings and portraits by one of a kind by local Miami artists at the Art Connection. And lush landscape waterfalls that can be used a statement piece in the front or back of your home. You can even get creative and use it as a statement piece in the entrance or certain area in your home.  Each booth was uniquely different, several companies coming from around the world to showcase their product(s). Each with fresh ideas and contagious smiles everywhere.

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Below is “Fridge Fronts“ who got a big break deal, on the hit show “Shark Tank”!  Their business sales have skyrocketed since then. You can purchase a magnetic printed color or pattern to place on your old looking fridge. It’s a simple/practical product to enhance your kitchens look within minutes.

home show 11

And finally, here is Debbie Mays, wife of the late Billy Mays (founder of Oxyclean), she works for Diamond Resorts Company!

home show 12

Courtesy of: Invita Designs Photography