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Mount Type - Inside

Inside Mount: Inside window frame for a clean, built-in look and minimum depth requirement. Inside Mounted roller shades will have an approximate 1” light gap between the edge of the shade and the window casing on the side with the card loop and ½” light gap on the other side. The shades must be cut narrower than the top operating mechanisms.

Mount Type - Exposed

Outside Mount: Outside window frame for a a taller, dramatic appearance and no minimum depth requirement. Outside Mounted shades will measure approximately 1” narrower than given size.

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Select the type of lift type you want.

Manual: Options

Select chain color for manual shades.

Motorized: Control Addons

Add one or more control options for your motorized shades.

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Select either left-side or right-side chain or motor position.

Select Bracket Color

Choose from 3 designer bracket colors to complement your shade.

Select Roll Type

Roll Type - Regular

Regular Roll: Fabric falls off back of roll. Shade remains closer to casing and compatible with metal valance.

Roll Type - Reverse

Reverse Roll: Fabric falls off front of roll. More clearance and a finished look and incompatible with metal valance.

Select Bottom Bar Style

Bottom Bar Style - Swen

Sewn-In: Metal bar rests in 2″ pocket and bar not visible.

Bottom Bar Style - Exposed

Exposed Decorative metal bar exposed with 5 color options.

Select Optional Roll Features

Roll Features - Rounded

Rounded Fascia with Fabric Insert: Same material as shade. Conceals control mechanism with 4″ tall handcrafted valance. Surcharge applies.

Roll Features - Fascia

4″ Fascia: With 4 color options. Conceals control mechanism and not available with reverse roll. Surcharge applies.

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Oversized Window Shade *


Solar Shades – The Basics: Outdoor Use

Ideal for use as a shading fabric on windows, doors and porches. Our solar exterior shade fabrics offer the best quality for outdoor sun control as it is made of strong vinyl-coated polyester. The shades from this collection are developed by SunTex and are mildew and fade resistant needing only an occasional cleaning with mild soap and water. Our exterior solar shades are pet resistant and are designed to absorb and dissipate up to 90 percent of the sun’s heat and glare before it reaches window or door glass.


  • Standard Widths: 36" (91.4cm), 48" (121.9cm), 60" (152.4cm), 72" (182.9cm) and 96" (243.8cm); 120" (304.8cm) in all colors except Grey
  • Standard Roll Length: 100 Linear Feet (30.48m); 90 Linear Feet (27.43m) for 120" rolls
  • Composition: 31% Polyester, 69% Vinyl on Polyester
  • Mesh Weight: 17.2 (oz/yd2)
  • Fabric Thickness: .039 (in)
  • Openness Factor: Approximately 10%
  • UV Blockage: Approximately 90%


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* Disclaimer: Pattern rendering shown above may vary from actual shade. Request a free swatch to view the actual pattern designs.