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Modernize Your Light Switches To Compliment Your Interior Decor And Match Our Modern Roller Shades


Doesn’t looking at old switch plates made you think, “Hmm what can I do to upgrade them without spending too much money?” Don’t throw away those old switch plates, let’s get inspired!  Livening up switch plates is great economical way to spruce up any interior décor. Grab some of your favorite fabric, a scissor, hot glue gun, and go to work! Within minutes you will be finished!


How To Make DIY Light Switch Plates:

  • Measure the fabric with your switch plate. Leaving half inch of space, cut
  • Stretch and fold the fabric all the way to the back of the switch plate, and glue each corner of the fabric to the switch plate
  • Flip the switch plate (the back view), with a sharpie, draw the rectangle shape and cut it out so your switch can evenly fit
  • Use the tip of the knife to make two small holes for the screws (one at the top, one on the bottom)

And just like to that, you’ve upgraded your old switch plates to something modern that accents your home décor!

Red Roller

Get Inspired With Our Modern Roller Shades:

Check out our vast selection of the vibrant colors in our luxe solids collection custom modern roller shades this summer and get creative!

The color red is the perfect to match to neutral colors like white, gray and brown which go with just about anything. Here’s a peek at a bedroom with our red Formula One Roller Shade (my personal favorite). The bright red mixed with warm brown and white offers a passionate yet balanced feel to a bedroom or area in a home. Red is the color of extremes and it’s the color of passionate love. Click here to view other light filtering roller shades.


Cheers! To another successful project ~