The Color White Pops In A Big Way by Shades Online

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Consider introducing fresh yet timeless white into your interior color scheme. People usually think of an accent color as being a bright, bold shade that they wouldn’t dare use in a larger amount. In our opinion, one of the most effective colors to use for contrast is a pure, radiant white. The Color White Pops In A Big Way. White adds drama, breaks up patterns and dark colors and softens bold décor. We offer a vast array of white blinds and window treatments on our website.



Soften Bold Decor
When working with high-drama looks (such as a bold complementary scheme or a fashion-forward color), accents like white trim or white fabric roller shades soften and tie everything together peacefully. In a very dark space, hits of white become especially important to help reflect light. But if the intention is a moody effect, a dash of clean white will amp up the sophistication and make the look feel self-assured. Whether the walls are dark, light or in between, we love simple white linens for instantly freshening the look of a bedroom and give a visual breath that helps the room feel peaceful.

A Little Goes a Long Way
White is minimalistic and is perfect for those who can’t settle on one time period but instead prefer a timeless cosmopolitan look. If you like the idea of introducing white but without the high drama factor of many of these looks, try adding small white accessories to dark furnishings, like a bright white pillow. It will make your upholstery stand out and feel new without a long-term commitment. Also consider putting a few white accessories near other white items, such as lampshades, window blinds and shades as the items together will pick up on one another and stand out that much more.

Break Up Patterns
A Solid white patterned fabric roller shades such as our white Bloom Shade or our white Dots Shade aren’t overwhelming as white consoles and gives the eye a visual break. When using a very bold wall hue, even white can feel radical next to it without a little thought. Using white in a variety of forms (including patterns, soft and hard textures, and a multitude of shapes) results in a look that remains bold but doesn’t feel overpowering. Just as with any other pop of color, it’s smart to spread the secondary hue around to different areas of the room so it feels balanced. See our white luxe patterns fabric roller shade options here: .